Wellness & Performance


More than just a training plan...

 At TMEC, our objective is to offer as many products and services that will benefit our athletes and help them to not only reach their goals, but also provide longevity and wellness outside of sport. 

Contact me for more information on any of the services below, or to discuss your individual requirements.

Bike Fit/Position

Guidance and advice on the best fit & position for your sport. Includes video analysis and feedback where appropriate.

I work with local bike fitters to establish the primary fit, then will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to enable you to make that position maintainable in real life for the duration of your goal event.

Swim Video Analysis

1-2-1, or small group video analysis with feedback.

Hydration Assessment

A personalised sweat test to provide you with valuable information to take into your training and events. Optimising your hydration can provide benefits such as: Greater endurance; Better coordination, reaction & response; and reduced cramping.

Triathlon / Cycling Fitness Assessment

A package that would typically cover the following:

- Body composition analysis

- Athletic screening (functional movement assessment)

- Nutrition assessment

- VO2 max or Lactate testing